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Great news from the Evernote camp - What's the next action

Great news from the Evernote camp

29 03 05 - 00:12 - Bookmark this post

I got a message from the Evernote VP of productmanagement through their forum about the next version of Evernote for your very nice review of EverNote. The only things I would add are a mention of the SmartSearch (for finding notes by keyword literally as fast as you can type); the fact that you can create your own Auto Categories including Keyword Search categories; and assurance that EverNote will be integrating with Google Desktop Search in the coming months.”

So here it goes. Three nice features. Two of them I indeed forgot to mention (SmartSearch and Autocategories) but the GDS-integration is quite interesting! Since I use GDS a lot these days, this can be a nice add-on!

Next week I will have the time to really evaluate OnFolio for the showdown.

That’s interesting… I can say /exactly/ the same three things for Onfolio! (Except we call the first two features Quick Find Item [Ctrl+Shift+G] and Search Folders.)

I’ve been following your blog with interest—not only am I an Onfolio developer, but I’m also getting started with GTD. I’ll hold off on revealing my own thoughts regarding EverNote vs. Onfolio and GTD until you conclude your “showdown” though.
Joe Cheng (Email) (URL) - 29 03 05 - 03:10

Anxious to hear how your evaluation is coming. As for me, I really love the Evernote interface. Onfolio is nice for what it does, but for note taking and quickly getting to what you need, Evernote rocks. It is what OneNote should have been. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t seem to get it here.
Greg (Email) - 10 04 05 - 16:59

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